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Legal Secretary

Job description

Legal secretaries are trained in law office procedures, law office technology and legal terminology.

Candidates are expected to have specialized skills and knowledge pertaining to the legal profession.

Legal secretaries must have excellent written and oral communication skills.

They should be technically savvy and pay strong attention to details and time management.

Employers also value good judgment, discretion, a proactive work ethic and well-developed interpersonal skills.

Typical duties of a legal secretary

  • Attending and taking notes at meetings and assisting lawyers in collecting legal and factual documents
  • Communicating with opposing counsel and other parties, clients, judicial administrative staff and vendors
  • Scheduling depositions, site inspections, hearings, closings and meetings for lawyers and other legal staff
  • Preparing legal documents and notices, and updating transactional documents with the most recently negotiated language
  • Transmitting legal correspondence to clients, witnesses and court officials by electronic filing, mail, fax or messenger
  • Completing administrative forms, such as time cards and expense reports for supervising lawyers

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